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What is in a name?

What does Terminus even mean?

Terminus was the name of the Roman god who protected boundary corners. At Terminus we take your property rights seriously. With the cost of real estate rising every day every inch matters. We do not cut corners, we do not "find them & flag them" from a humble 50'x100' mid century homesite to a miles long energy corridor project, we verify everything.  

Local Matters.

Terminus was also the original name for Atlanta. The name came from being the end of the Western & Atlantic railroad line. Today Terminus proudly works with a variety of local vendors to source its survey equipment and supplies. We work local, not national dealer chains, for our vehicle purchases. By being a remote based business we also are doing our part to reduce Atlanta traffic.


Aissata Diao (Partner/Operations Manager)

Aissata brings a diverse background and well rounded education to our firm. She has bachelor degrees in Civil Engineering and Land Surveying and Mapping, along with a Masters in Engineering Management from Penn State.  Aissata has worked on many projects both small and large. Having worked in heavy residential survey world for nearly a decade ensuring high quality drafting standards are followed to oil field wireline experience leading crews in the Eagle Ford. Her most recent experience has seen her lead a variety of MS4 and sidewalk investigations throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area.  Aissata holds a Level IB Inspector certification and a Level II Plan Reviewer certification with the GSWCC.

More information coming soon.

Benjamin DesLauriers, PLS, PSM  (Partner/Survey Manager)

Ben DesLauriers has over 20 years of land surveying experience. Ben earned a bachelors degree in Land Surveying and Mapping and has since earned licensure in Florida as a Professional Surveyor and Mapper along with becoming a Professional Licensed Surveyor in Georgia and Kentucky.  Ben has worked in most all sectors of the land surveying industry. He began surveying in Southeast Georgia doing residential layout and light commercial work as a crew chief.  Later in his career he began working with bleeding edge technologies becoming one of the first Part 107 Remote Pilots following the FAA role out of the program.  He has successfully navigated ICAO regulations to do international sUAS work in foreign countries on multiple occasions. He is familiar with many remote sensing technologies having successfully integrated sUAS captured photogrammetry data to add context to multi-beam hydrographic projects. Along with hydrographic and sUAS photogrammetry experience he has also lead aerial and mobile LiDAR acquisition efforts on a variety of projects from military bases for NAVFAC and AECOM projects along with Utility and DOT corridor projects.

More information comming soon.